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Anatomy of a workflow

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Are you looking to have all of your to-do’s & client communication organized & clear? Ready to stop thinking about it or collecting sticky notes? I’ve got you covered! 

Writing out and developing workflows can be overwhelming. You may feel like it has to be perfect right away, be worried you’ll forget something or even have no idea where to start or what to include. Don’t stress - I’m breaking it all down!

You'll be ready to get those workflows documented and ready to work FOR YOU in no time! Let's go!!

Ready for your workflows to free up your brain space & take things off your plate?

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What's Included?



Welcome & overview video

This isn't just your typical e-book! I'll walk you through the whole process & answer common questions. It's like having me in your back pocket!

15 page E-book, walking you through workflows step-by-step:

  • What is a workflow vs a system?
  • What should I have workflows for?
  • Things to consider in your service workflows
  • Workflow best practices
  • How to build a workflow
  • Printable workflow page
  • Google Sheets workflow template
  • Workflow Swipe Copy for 4 sample workflows!

wondering if this is a good fit for you?

"Jenn’s Anatomy of a Workflow E-Book helps take you through the process of defining what is all included in a workflow. She clearly outlines the importance of building systems and workflows as well as what types of tasks you need a workflow for (onboarding, offerings. recurring tasks, and marketing).”
  Lovely Little Light

Ana Dellamuth

Make sense of your workflows AND save TIME!!

with our "Anatomy of a workflow" e-book & worksheets

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